First time for everything

Obviously, I started a blog! Starting a blog has been on my mind ever since my now husband started his over a year ago! (Visit him at He has been able to connect with people from all over, keep in touch with his family, and voice (or type) his thoughts publicly. I think it has been a great outlet for him. After he started his blog, I started to read blogs…lots of them. Then I really wanted a blog, but I felt so much pressure. Why would I feel pressure when I wanted a blog to help myself relieve pressure? I don’t know! I felt like I needed the perfect blog name, and the perfect banner, and the perfect first post.

Well here I am with a blog name that I love because it signifies everything I need in my life: food and happiness. Not too much to ask, right? ‘Perfect’ for my blog?…..Only time can tell.

After telling myself for so many months that I should ‘start tomorrow because I will be more rested, have a better picture taken, have something more interesting to say, etc’ I realized that this need for ‘perfection’ was stopping me in many different ways. I was using the ‘you will be able to do it better tomorrow line’ for everything!

So I decided to start today. Because even though this post is not very interesting, and I might (hopefully!) have a better one tomorrow, if I don’t start, I won’t start tomorrow either!

Does anyone else out there strive for the ‘perfect’ time to do something? What’s holding us back? Why can’t we just complete tasks as needed? All comments are welcome. Discuss!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!